Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Craftster Challenge : "Just Bead It"

I have been meaning to start this for a long time! I found my "crafty" outlet through and realized I could sell the jewelry and crafty items I make and that I wanted to show others how to make easy and elegant items as well!

I thought I would show off the item I made for the February Craftster Monthly Challenge, "Just Bead It." If you are unfamiliar with how it works you have one month to create an item to fit the theme. And when they posted that February was beads, I couldn't not enter!

I was actually getting ready the next morning after seeing the theme and had this amazing idea for a necklace with a garden and a web on it. And to somehow create a beaded spider on the front... That night while watching TV, Adam said it would be amazing if it was a Black Widow and well the next day I got to work...
 I knew I would have to "bead" over larger beads, but the legs really had me stumped... but once I figured it out (and for next time I have an even better idea!) it really came together. I went so far as to put the red hourglass on the underbelly and then realized it would never been seen but it just had to be there!

I used a large stone donut for the center of the web and based my necklace from that piece. I made each leaf using peyote stitch and various size and shape seed beads for the leaves and made small buds to give it more of a garden feel.
 I made the "web" using free form netting with crystals and pearls and when it was finished I was shocked at how easy it had been to create!
 Once the netting was done I had to decide how to attach the various leaves and with a basic base I found I could attach the leaves where I wanted and could hide the base beads easily.

 I added the flowers as I went along so I could visualize the completed project better.

Here it is completed! It took just over a week to make. Due to the fact that each leaf took about an hour to create. I was so pleased that I decided this one could not go up on Etsy, plus I have worked out few kinks... I would hate for a thread to come undone for someone other than myself!

I entered it into the monthly challenge and just this past weekend it took 1st prize!

Here is a link to the original thread on Craftster with all the entries! Craftster Challenge 71 Entry Forum


  1. Congrats on your win! I was absolutely floored when I saw this on Craftster. It's amazing!!

    1. Ahhh, Thank you! I am really glad you liked it! I found a few slip ups along the way, but know how to improve for the next!!