Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Study Covers / Journal Covers

Happy First Day of Spring!!!

Boy, have I been busy lately! I have been meaning to put up this post about a Study cover I recently made for my Women’s Wednesday Evening Study Group for about a week now. I wanted to make something for each lady that was small yet functional.
In San Diego, the Crusin’ Quilters Shop Hop just came to a few weekends ago and I had purchased a yard of this fabric from Aretoy Quilts in Oceanside. (You can click on either and they will take you to the appropriate links!)

Supplies: (This would make two of what I made)
1 Fat Quarter of Print
1 Fat Quarter of Solid for inside of cover
Thread to match
Sewing machine or needle and thread

Note: All seam allowances are ¼”

First things first, you need to measure your book or journal or whatever it is that you would like to cover! I used the Bible Study book for our group and added an extra 2¼” to each side and just over a ½” total to the height to account for the seams and to create the flaps for the cover.
Now this is going to be very easy and even quick!

1. Place Right sides together using one piece of the outside fabric and one of the inside. Then leaving a 2” opening on one of the short ends stitch completely around leaving the opening on the short end for turning right side out.

2. Cut corners for easy rounding and turn cover inside out so that our cover with now be right sides out! I like to use a chopstick or a knitting needle to gently push those corners out. At this point iron the cover flat. Then using a very small allowance of 1/8" or less, stitch the opening closed. You could hand slip stitch is closed it you would prefer as well.

3. I used the book as a guide, so place your item to be covered centered on the inside fabric and fold over about 2" on each side. You can place a pin to mark the location. Then fold the fabric over to create the pockets/flaps for the book ends to go in and I like to iron them down.

4. Now at this point there is two ways you can stitch the flaps down. First you can use a very, very narrow seam allowance and straight stitch the flaps along the top and the bottom, or in this instance I hand stitched a slip stitch through the flaps to make them hidden and create a tighter fit. But please do what ever is most comfortable for you. I enjoyed being able to sit outside in the sun and stitch the ends closed instead of being tied to the machine any longer! It was just too beautiful of a day!

Voila! Now in as little as 20 minutes you have a completed cover!

For the gals I went ahead and created a simple freezer paper stencil of our Church’s logo and stenciled it on the bottom corner! You can be so very creative with these types of covers! You can add pockets or stencil designs, use embroidery, the options are endless and now you can go get a simple plain journal from anywhere and turn it into a beautiful gift!!! The endless possibilities!!! I LOVE projects like this! So versatile and yet so customizable…


  1. I love journal covers! Yours are lovely and look simple to make. Thank you for the great tutorial!

  2. Thank you! I made 6 and it only took a day! The longest part was that I slip stitched the flaps down instead of sewing close to the edge! They made the ladies night!