Monday, April 23, 2012

Felt Badges Everywhere!!!

Felt Badges, what can I say about them?! They are absolutely AWESOME!!!
And now you are asking, "Where did this love of felt badges come from?" Well, I recently participated in another Swap on Craftster all about felt badges.

The rules were simple. It had to be between 2 - 3" on all sides when finished and it could be made from any type of felt. Also you mailed it with the bad empty, meaning no magnet or pin back so that your partner could finish it and use it however they wanted.
You only had to have one partner but of course I opted for two! My first partner liked flowers, and the words "believe", "faith", and I'm quite sure "love." I decided I would use wool blend felt because it just blends and holds so much better on detailed work like this than the type you pick up from your local craft store.
I chose to incorporate "Believe" and a simple potted flower. This is under 3 inches and the flowers have just a simple glass seed bead in the middle. When you put them close together they just "bunch" naturally and look beautiful!

My second partner wanted something to incorporate her work with the Girl Scouts and she had a second theme of nature and gardening and flowers... and after having so much fun with the top flowers I decided I would place a flower garland beneath a Girl Scout emblem.
This was what I came up with! I made it round like a Scout badge and added a few leaves to come off the bottom of the garland. She still hasn't posted yet about receiving it, but I have a feeling she is really going to like it!

I think the best part about these little badges is that they work up really quickly and you n do so much with them. People have turned them into pins or incorporated them into wall hangings by making more or even simple magnets for their fridges! Below is the first badge I've received! I wanted something to show off my love of bumble bees! And my dear partner pjherbert really came through! I am not really sure what I will finish him off to be.... For now he is just buzzing around my refrigerator!

All the wool used in mine was from a scrap pack I bought at my local quilt shop, The Country Loft. It was only $1.25! And I still have a lot left over to make more badges. You can also always find it through Etsy shops as well.

I challenge you to try making 1 or 100! They would make great gift tags or ornaments... Or even a little extra to mail in a letter! So have fun! They are addictive!


  1. I love the badges you created and I know your partners did too :). They are so much fun. I'm addicted!

  2. They are just TOO much fun!!! I can't wait for the next round! Someone just organized such a wonderful swap!!! : )

  3. I love the badges you made! I too am addicted to them now!