Thursday, April 12, 2012

If At First You Don't Succeed ... Try, Try Again!

So, I tried making this cover bag from Stitch magazine. It seemed easy enough.... And it was reversible! So I thought it wouldn't take that long right?! Only 3 pattern pieces and I'm not a horrible sewer... Boy did this one get me! But I don't want it to discourage you from trying... I already have the fabric to try again! And I am looking forward to it ... I think! Ha, ha...

After cutting out all the pieces and having to run to the fabric store a 2nd time because I didn't cut it exactly right the first time, and buy more interfacing because I don't think their instructions were for normal bolt interfacing... Oh and the best part was when I was looking for the fabric, they almost didn't have it. Then when I found it, there was just enough left! 

At this point it was starting to fall apart for me... Ha, ha... I had never done pleats so I think that added to the stress!
But when I completed mine I couldn't really reverse it and have it look the same on either side. I omitted the handmade button detail and realized I probably needed to add them or something else to hide the attachment of the handles.

I know it doesn't look bad and it is very nice. I think as crafters, we sometimes forget that the imperfections of our work make it perfect! It reminds us from time to time that it's OK to not be perfect. And as a wife and mom I have to take that same outlook into my everyday life. I'm not always going to do everything perfect on the first try. But more importantly than that, it doesn't mean anyone else is going to notice! Sometimes we are just too hard on ourselves! So even though I am not cutting out the pattern again just yet, I know I am going to give it a second try! ... Maybe that goes for thinking about having another child! Ha ha!!!

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