Monday, April 23, 2012

Quilt Piecing and Chicken on a Warm Spring Day

I knew it was going to be a warm day when I headed out for my usual Tuesday morning 5 mile run around the lake with my friends. As we ran the sun was beating down and the crisp breeze had been replaced with a warm wisp.

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at the same place, same time. We always talk about trying someplace new, but the 5 mile loop is just so easy now. Nothing new and always the same.
Today as we ran and talked about just everyday things, my mind kept straying to the thought of fabric and sewing. I was daydreaming of quilting and it has been that way for days!

So when I got home I opened up the house to the lovely warmth of Spring and it began warming up our household. I got out the crock pot... probably for one of the last times until the fall and put in one of my favorites... 4 chicken breasts and a jar of salsa... yup that's it! It cooks on low for 6 hours and after 5 you put a fork in and break up the chicken... I can smell it all the way in the family room as I type this! Once it's ready we put it on tortillas with a little cheese and beans and we have this awesome salsa chicken burrito or taco! Try it! You'll like it!

So back to the quilt piecing , now that your taste buds are watering! It's hard to get back...

I should start by saying, "Join a Quilters Guild!" I mean it, the talent and care these women show is just infectious! I left there wanting to be a better quilter! I just wanted to be a quilter.  So Sunday I bought some fat quarters and decided to get to work! I had just checked out a book from the library entitled, "1000 Great Quilt Blocks." I opened it up and just picked out a few easier blocks and a few challenging ones.... Needless to say I have been quilting up a storm!

This is the book and you can get a copy by clicking Here. This will take you to an Amazon shop where you can find a copy! Or you might just be able to find it in your local library like I did!

The blocks I made above weren't perfect. And they did take a lot of time because I was trying to be just so precise! They (whoever "they" are) say practice makes perfect and well I am going to just keep on practicing!

This was a second attempt. I added the white border so that I can now turn it into a 14" pillow form! Keep your eyes peeled for it to turn up on my Etsy shop!

I have to admit when just looking at the pictures they look nearly perfect! Ha ha, but that golly darn perfectionist in me is still not pleased enough!!! At least the chicken will come out perfect!

And now I am off to continue to feed the need to become a better quilter, by improving my piecework... Until next time....

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