Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Cold Hard Truth ... I'm too Hard on Myself!

Today, I thought about my art and the things that fly through my mind of what I would like to make. I see these vivid images in my head, but I can't always get them out into reality.

I put on my Craftster mantra, "Dreaming Bigger than my Abilities." I am beginning to feel more and more like that isn't necesarilly the case. There are so many crafty and creative people out there! I think I have been living with the idea that I should be the best in everything... and well finding that it is not necessarily true. I'm just a little too competitive and hard on myself. I do things no one in my family can do... or would want to! Ha, ha.

If I don't win a challange I feel as if what I made was crap... It wasn't that good to begin with, and why would I think it would win?! And then I do win sometimes, but I think I need to enter it in bigger competitions, and try to get more credit, and when that doesn't happen I would go back to feeling like I only make silly, not that great things. I start to believe my skills aren't that great, and I look at my crafting supplies and find myself not wanting to touch them because I stop feeling worthy of it...

Today, I am taking that away! I know we all feel like that about something, we have to right?! Maybe for some, it's not crafting at all but they feel their parenting skills in question ... my daughter just lost her finger nail for the second time... It didn't even't grow out completely from the last time! But I don't hold it against me as much as my crafts... Sometimes we just need to tell ourselves not to believe the negativity and to keep at it. Even when it's hard!

I have been telling myself that for the last week or two... Hasn't completely sunk in yet, but I keep working at it!

There's no new or completed masterpiece to show off today... Just some words of encouragement to keep at it when you feel defeated. Even when you think it's impossible, I promise it gets better. Not right away of course, but I believe it has to. With every project I make, I practice a skill and I learn how to manipulate it a little bit more.

So on the days when I make a sale or I win a prize or ribbon in a contest, I just have to carry that high over until the next one...

So for me as much as for you, keep your head up! Keep creating!

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  1. Now don't be that hard on yourself! Sometimes you don't see that you have grown that much! Think of your projects you started with and what you can do nowadays! You can sew zippers, wasn't that a challenge? And you did a great job, I can see it a lot: I so love the sewing basket and look at it every time I sew (about every day)
    When you compare yourself with a beginning sewist or quilter, you will notice the difference!

    So, yes please enjoy every time you sew something and keep enjoying entering a competition.

    I have a notebook where I keep pictures of things I like, nice patterns or designs.I make notes of what I would like to create some day and keep track of what I made this year!
    You can always look back and feel satisfied that you have accomplished all that!
    And if I feel the urge to create something, I take a look and there's always something in there that inspires me. Maybe a good idea for you too?

    Haha, or you just mail me, I'll pick you up any time! :-)