Friday, June 22, 2012

Monkey Fun Quilt Top!

I have already begun my Christmas Quilting! Which for me is something very new for this year! I only decided I wanted to start quilting at the beginning of the year and have since completed some smaller projects.

It seams every time I finish piecing a quilt top I post a picture and say, "This is the largest piece I've made yet!" And well it's always been true, but I have been doing quite a bit of piecing lately that I am sad to say I won't be saying it much longer ... unless I just keep making bigger and bigger! Ha, ha.

Most of this monkey fabric was left over from a basket cover tutorial I had written earlier in my blogging. It had been for my sister who was having her first boy.

I ended up going back to Joann's (Yes, I know it is not always the highest quality of fabric, but sometimes I'm on a budget, and sometimes they get cuter prints...) and finding they had a yard or two of a few prints I had not purchased before, so I picked them up and got home and started drawing out what would turn into a quilt for my new little nephew, J.P. for Christmas.
I worked with a 9 Patch design and just enlarged the block pattern to fit the fabric and size I wanted the completed quilt to be.

After completing the blocks I decided I would add a border just to make it a little bit bigger. Well I couldn't get anymore of the fabric because they just didn't have it anymore... so my stripes don't line up at the top... but oh well!
So this photo has the best coloring... This is more true to the actual colors, and the best picture of the wonky stripe border.
Here is where they didn't line up. But it's only on two sides at least.

Here is the finished pieced top... still have to actually quilt it, but I think I will work on that next month! Haven't decided if I want to try hand quilting it or just use my machine!

I am working on another for my niece right now too.... Tinkerbell.... I actually have enough of the fabric for that one! Ha, ha!

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