Monday, July 16, 2012

A Sudden Feeling of Inspiration!

Lately, as you have noticed I have been quilting and sewing up a storm! I was feeling a little down about my beadwork for awhile and then I found TopHatter and started ACTUALLY selling off some of my inventory! It has been just the thing I've needed lately! I finally feel accomplished!

One thing you MUST realize is that when selling there you need to know things will sell for way less then than you would have wanted, but some items will be better than others. People go on there to get a deal! And they have been with my beaded jewelry and quilted pillow covers (hint.... a tutorial to come!).

So last week I got out my heavy bead bin, pulled out beads and ACTUALLY made three loopy bracelets over the week and weekend!

The pink bracelet came first and also took a few days! I forgot how to make them almost. And it took awhile to get back into it! But let me tell you, it felt great! There are only a few supplies needed... seed beads and some decorative beads and then BAM! you get these!
This lovely blue and green bracelet came to me next. I was just going through my beads and thought that blues and even some greens would make a really fun bracelet. I super embellished this bracelet and what started closer to 7.5 inches turned into just under 7 inches when worn! I used Czech flowers and crystals and LOTS of seed beads! This one took only a day to complete... while taking take of the family as well!
And last but not least came this beautiful 7.5 inch multi-colored bracelet. I am thinking of making another only using black instead of the white to make it more for the fall with similar jewel toned seed beads. This one took the rest of the weekend, only because I wasn't too sure as I was working on it that I wanted to complete it, plus all this inspiration had my mind already thinking about the next idea! Can't wait to show you those!

So although I didn't have something crafty for you to create this post, I hope you will enjoy the crafty I got to create this past week! I have some really fun things coming up soon including the fun pillow cover I told you about earlier, a fun Halloween Table Runner and an awesome Parisian Mini Art Quilt! Oh the fun to come!


  1. Those are beautiful! Are they crocheted?

    1. Thanks!They are not actually crocheted. It is just a single strand base with multiple "loops" attached. It works up very fast ... well ... pretty fast! Ha ha!

  2. I love them! Especially the blue/green one Rebecca! Curious what you come up with next.... :-)

  3. Thanks Wendie! And you don't have to wait long! I have a wonderful pillow to show right now! Ha ha!