Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Are You Ready for Some Football?!

This past weekend there was this huge sale at Joann's Fabrics and they had 70% off remnant cuts. I happened to find a yard of this San Diego Chargers fabric there and thought that if my blue and white pillows were doing so well among shoppers than here in San Diego this would have to do well too!

So I bought the yard and came home and decided on the first pillow here on the left... but there was so much left in straps after fussy cutting the squares that with about 5 more inches I was able to make a strip pillow as shown below it.

I really feel that quilting doesn't have to be something that your Grandmother does anymore. I think we need to make it want we want it to be, and for me that means a little more modern with a "quilty" flair to it!

Now that the fall spirit has been awoken in me I am thinking about getting some NFL fabric in a team my Hubby would approve of... a little Chicago Bears action in this house and maybe even make a couple to keep! But they could only be out on game day! Ha, ha!

With the little bit of fabric that was left over, I cut it into the bottom half of the backing fabric for both pillows. I could have made another strip pillow or maybe a part of a log cabin, but why cut it all up?! I mean it was 70% off the yard anyway! So I thought I would share the wealth a little, ha!

I hope that this will maybe awaken your fall / back-to-school spirit and you'll maybe try this out with your Hubby's favorite sports team or even your child's!

I truly believe that sometimes the simplest projects come out the best... even if they don't feel like they take long enough to complete!

I hope you enjoy the pillows... and remember you can always check them out at my Etsy shop! And sometimes you can get an awesome deal on one at tophatter.com!

Also my Hubby was an Aggie at Texas A&M University and I just got a yard of that fabric, so keep your eye out for some Aggie pillows to be coming out shortly!