Monday, August 6, 2012

"Charm"-ing Paris!

"Charm"-ing Paris!
This was the project I created for the Craftster Quilt Challenge in August. The idea was to create anything you wanted but to primarily use Charm Squares (5in. squares) of fabric to make the front out of. Well I thought that if it was a Charm Square challenge than I was going to make it a challenge for myself and only make the entire quilt out of Charms! So yes you guessed correctly, the backing and the binding was all created out of 5in. squares ... to begin with!

The entire back of the project! Made out of various pink and gray fabrics

The lady in this one rectangle was my favorite out of the entire back!

I even went to far as to fold a square in half on the diagonal to be the corner holding!

When it came to the the front I cut each square into 4 smaller 2.5" squares to design the front. And of course my tower was first constructed out of Charms as well!
 Sorry, this was the best pic I got....

I had the entire project completed, minus the felt flowers and asked my husband what he thought and he said it was "fine." To which I thought meant that it didn't look absolutely completed.... So I found some stash felt and added the flowers.

The binding on the quilt was made up of the squares being cut done the middle and then all sewn together and then used for binding and the flowers are attached by small glass bead centers.

I really fell in love with this project! I have thought about hanging it in our living room, but there really isn't a place for it there... So it might just end up on my Etsy shop! So keep your eyes open ... I always post at a fair price.

I know this was a quick post, but I just wanted to get this out there for you all to see... This was some of my best work yet!


Click Here to see the actual Entry on the Craftster Challenge Forum! I'll let you know how the voting turns out later this week! There was some steep competition!

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