Monday, August 13, 2012

Sewing Armoire? ... Try Crafty House!

A month back, my husband, Adam and I came to the conclusion that our kitchen table was not the place to have a sewing room! Because well I freaked out more about him trying to move things so we could have dinner at the table and preferred we just eat out for the rest of our lives! Ha, ha... So we agreed that since our formal living room was empty as we decorated it we would also kind of turn it into a Sewing Studio for me.

Now all of this sounded very "contained" and wonderful! My husband has agreed and when I wasn't sewing it could be closed up to just look like an armoire! It was perfect! ...
So here it is and of course I haven't closed it in well, days and it's spilling over to the top right now... just needs a little reorganization.... But this is just a small shot of the room....

And of course the little coffee table, that doesn't belong there but will remain until the next piece of furniture arrives is now covered in fabric and cutting mats and well rulers... And that well, that's never empty now! Still not too bad....
And we ordered those lovely armless love seats... well you can see one! The other is COVERED in ironed fabric and well, just fabric that I threw there as I was finished with it! The nice thing about the bookshelves is they have boxes on the bottom two shelves on each side... I think you can see one on the right... so the thought was I could stash my stash in there as I work.... that just hasn't happened yet... HA! Also I can display some finished works on the shelves... So it is nice for that! I really can't wait for the holidays to decorate in here! This room has been EMPTY except for that coffee table for almost 2 years!!!

This is the closet in our "Guest Room", also known as my office and old craft room.... Well I have too much to keep in our nice Living Room so a lot of fabrics and interfacings still live in here...

And in the pink garment bag to the left is my WEDDING DRESS!!! Poor things has to share the room with all the fabric... I need to get it preserved, but just would rather buy fabric right now! Ha ha!
This to the right is my interfacing shelf... You can't see the rest, but the entire shelf and closet are stuffed to the seams with crafting supplies and what not!

My husband thought with the Living Room that it would really tidy everything up... I am sorry to say it just spread it out even more! And I LOVE it! The natural light in that room is awesome and with my little boom box and iPod I can listen to my music in the afternoons while the little girl takes her naps! Our kitchen table is still covered with beads, but I do try to tidy it up at least once a week!

I guess it didn't turn out as nice and neat as Adam would have liked, but he is so proud of the work that I do and his love for me that he lets the rest slide a little! What a loving husband to have created this special place just for me!

I know my stash looks small.... but it's a work in process! Ha ha! Thanks for looking today!

Where do you sew and what makes it special?!


  1. LOL! You just cant contain it! I have tried over and over and it never works!

  2. I have to agree with Aunt Spicy. I have a whole room and still the contents leak out!

  3. Ha ha my poor OCD Hubby will just have to learn that it's part of the creative process! Ha ha!

  4. Looks like a nice set up and if could close if you needed it to - that doesn't mean you have to. Stash grows - rapidly, trust me I know!

  5. Haha, that's the way ;) My husband is very patient with me too, thankfully!