Monday, August 13, 2012

The Day I Fell in Love with Foundation Piecing!

YES!!! You might be thinking I'm crazy or more likely wondering why I didn't try it sooner?! But it doesn't have to be as complicated as it seems to be. I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos and reading as much as I can on quilting lately and I found I wanted to make some scrappy, shabby chic style pillows. And what I fell upon was just amazing! So much so, that I just couldn't not share it with all of you!

So here is a picture of what I have completed and along with it a fun little tutorial on how to make each block! I am sorry for some of the pictures quality.... They didn't all come out the way I wanted with a 2 year old much of my work being done late at night!
Blue Strip Pillows!

 1) Take printer paper or even notebook pages and cut out a 7 1/2" square. (This will yield a 14" inch pillow cover.) You will need to cut out 4!

Once completed I used a Pilot Fixion pen to draw a line down the center of the square on the diagonal. (These pens are AWESOME!!! Once the heat of your iron hits, the ink disappears! Also awesome for embroidery work!)
2) For this step you can be precise but really a little off won't make a difference! I used white but use what ever color or print you would like for the center. I cut a 2 1/2" wide strip long enough to cover the square. I used a very small couple dabs of washable glue stick along the drawn line and then placed my white fabric on top... this way it won't move as I stitch on my first strip.

For the various strips cut VARIOUS widths! And make sure they cover the template.

3) You will place your fabric Right Sides together and sew with a 1/4" seam. Now here is where it is a little different ... In order to make it easier to remove the paper upon completion use a SMALLER stitch width. I was using a 1.4mm stitch.

After each strip use a iron to press the strip open. Try not to use steam as it will "curl" the paper. A hot steam free press works just fine.

Continue to add strips until the ENTIRE square is covered!
4) Upon completion this is what your template will look like! Now on to the fun part!
5) Turn your piece over and use your ruler and rotary to cut along the paper template.
 As you cut off each side you will begin to see your scrappy block! And if you cut your strips not too long you won't feel bad about throwing away these little scraps!
6) Now keep it on the paper side and begin to carefully tear away the paper. Don't be worried if a few little pieces don't rip off. It won't matter in the long run!

Here is your first completed block! See how complicated it looks?! And yet how simple it was?! I was shocked at how much fun using up scraps could be!

For a few pillows I've since made I have bought 5" cuts of fabrics in a theme to be able to make matching sets. Out of these cuts you'll have enough to make a few pillows! And extra to add to your scrap stash!

You'll repeat this to make 3 more blocks in order to make a pillow like mine.

Once you have all 4 completed sew them together to make a 14 1/2" square! Isn't that fun?! It looks like it took forever to make and yet it's the best stash buster!!!
Just look at that detail?! Remember lines DON'T have to line up! This is a scrappy pillow!
 To finish the pillow I placed a piece of white muslin on the wrong side of the quilt block to cover all those little seams!

Finish as you like by making a flap closure for the back or placing a zipper at the bottom.... or to make it even easier, cut another 14 1/2" piece of fabric and stitch all around leaving a 6" opening and insert a pillow form and then slip stitch closed!

Make them bigger and more squares to make a quilt! Make them smaller and make an ovenmit! Really you could use these for a number of projects!!!

If nothing else ... you can say you know how to paper piece!!! Even if in its most simplest form!

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  1. So pretty!! Love the blues. I just recently learned this technique too :).