Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Little Chef!

I had received a call from my sister, wanting to know if I could make my almost 4 year old niece an apron. My first thought was IF?! Of course I could do that! Who did she think she was asking?! (Ha, ha) I knew she had fallen in love with an apron that Pottery Barn Kids had with a Canvas background, a large pocket, and vegetables embroidered on it.

I actually thought about it long and hard... I knew she wanted her name on it and I really was hoping I could stash bust this! I actually found the apron pattern here. It was really easy to print and follow and VERY easy to customize!

I used 3 different cupcake fabrics, out of my stash! and cut 2.5"x4.5" inch rectangles to create the binding. 

This is the detail of the pocket I made. I made a little 4-patch block and enclosed it. I then added the purple cupcake ... she loves purple!

This shot is just a little more detail to the binding.

In the tutorial she used purchased packs of bias tape, I just wanted to make my own that day! If you ever need to make a child's apron, this is a GREAT tutorial! And I also don't know of many people that actually enjoy making binding...

I used freezer paper to create the name stencil.

My niece already has it and she LOVES it! This would be a great little gift to make for a little friend for a birthday or even Christmas! They whip up fast! And you can make it how EVER you like! 

So I challenge you to go make one! And make it your own!


  1. I admire your talent, Rebecca, and your zest to explore new challenges...keep up the good work!

  2. Rebecca, this is so darling and such excellent workmanship. I love the monogramming and the big purple cupcake! So sweet!

  3. Awww, what fun! My little cousins would love something like this. So professional!