Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where did I put my Checks?!

Checkbooks Anyone?!

  Well, I decided I needed to brush up on my top-stitching and straight-stitching, plus I found this wonderful tutorial for checkbook covers... Well the first 6 I did according to the instructions, which I'm only not posting because well I found it to be not my favorite tutorial only because I feel the measuring was a little off.... but I fixed that with the remaining 4 covers I made yesterday... and I must say they look much better!

These are the first batch.... The nesting doll fabric was rows which made it really easy to use different sections to customize the covers! And the linen was great to work with as well. In these I placed interfacing on the patch-worked piece...

This was the second batch and with it I cut the fabric a little wider and used medium weight interfacing to make up for the lack of weight the linen had and I must say, I think I would use medium weight all the time now.

And here they are all tied up together! I realize no one really writes checks anymore, but at least mine will look real nice while they sit in the drawer! Plus as my MIL reminded me, some people still use registers and they could keep that in here! 

I haven't said anything but I have some special friends I will be gifting these too! I hope they enjoy! As much as you enjoyed looking! I am thinking about adding some to my Etsy shop.... keep your eyes open! They would make great hostess gifts or for a small Christmas gift you could place a gift card in it first with a nice handwritten letter?! 

Speaking of getting ready for the winter I got Abby this cute little outfit...
I guess she's not so little anymore! My baby is getting all grown up! Today she got her first big girl birthday invitation!!! On to creating a gift!


  1. They look so great Beck! You are a busy bee lately! I like it!

    Thanks for sharing :-)

    1. Thanks! And welcome back from vacation!!! I've been trying to keep busy... I have a few more projects in the works right now too!

  2. I'll keep checking your blog, so I don't miss anything! You made me curious...

    And I must say that I so enjoy everything you made me every time I enter our crafting room! The pillow cover, the mug rug (I don't use it, it is too pretty to get smudged), that basket with all my sewing stuff in, the pincushion,... And your little wallet was in use during my vacation! So, I think about you lots and lots. Just so you know that there are people very happy with what you made them! :-)