Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello Chef!!! (Updated!)

Well, After making my first Little Chef apron for my niece, Sadie... I got to thinking ... My poor husband yet again had to experience another one of my brainstorms and this one included yet another trip to the fabric store! (Well, OK 2... But he ONLY had to go to 1!)

And although I didn't buy enough duck cloth the first time around, I was sure to get enough the second!

So, I found the 3 brown and pink floral prints and I had this grand idea of embroidering some amazing scenes on the natural tan and then lining the back with plain cotton and binding it, so essentially making it reversible. But to be honest my 2 year old wouldn't understand the hours of time the embroidery had taken and to be honest the duck cloth is similar to canvas and well a second layer would have made it that much heavier...

So I started making all the binding out of 2.5"x5"inch strips of the prints and got all of the binding set before I really had a decisive idea for the front....

Now, we have to fast forward a few hours... I've cut the fabric for the apron and a pocket and made all the binding ... it was hot out and the middle of the afternoon and well we decided to go get yogurt land!!! And every summer they have Hello Kitty bowls and spoons....

So once we got home I google imaged some shots of various Sanrio characters and Hello Kitty and Badtz Maru made the cut!

As you can see from the photo on the left Abby "helped" color the printout!
I didn't really know what to do for the whiskers or face so I just used some freezer paper stencils to make them. It was a quick solution but next time I might try something a little different...

Badtz Maru was definitely the easier of the two to make, but I now wish I would have used black thread to outline him than the white, but it was the first time around!

I hope you have thought about going to Sew Much Ado's website and creating your own little apron.... you can find it here!

I have a little more to show on it, but that will have to wait until next time.... I have a little girl sticking monster stickers ALL over my office wall and calling it a "circus"! ... My poor husband is going to come home and think I don't watch her now... ha ha!

OK! So I had promised to finish up this posting with a complete* finished product.... So Abigail had been invited to her first party! (Well a party in which the invite was addressed to her!) And I thought an Apron would be a great idea. I also when to IKEA and bought a little Cake toy set and little kids play cooking utensils, I unfortunately didn't take pictures of those.... So I made freezer paper stencil of her name...

 Now I do have a tutorial on this type of stenciling. With duck cloth or canvas you have to really just "dab" the paint on because of the grooves in the canvas it can be hard to get sharp lines....

Remember to peel off the stencil as soon as your done so it can't "dry" to the canvas and well not be to pretty once you try taking it off.

Here is her name once the entire stencil has been taken off.... remember to get out the little centers on letters like the "A" and "E". Once it was fully dry I used a hot iron over the top to heat set the paint. But not directly on the paint... wouldn't want some paint to get on that lovely iron of yours!

This is the TRUE finished product!

We just came home a little bit ago and boy was Abigail worn out! We left before presents, but we got to see in her room and there was a pink little kitchen!!! So I KNOW the apron will go over well!!!

Thanks again for checking out the *completed* project! Had to wait until it was given before I finished the post completely!!!



  1. Oh how cute!! I actually really like the white thread on Badtz Maru.

    1. Thanks... I know the lines aren't super perfect, but hey it will get better with each one! I just got a couple new presser feet for my machine.... looking forward to more precise work to come!!!

  2. I like it as it is! Don't spend too much time on those itsy bitsy details, no one will notice that! Spend the time you saved on that on baking a nice cake.... of course you'll both have to wear a nice, cute, very appropriate apron.

    Looking forward to seeing that ;-)

    Great job, Beck, as always!

  3. Thanks Wendie! I am just too much of a perfectionist! I forget that no one else notices! Ha ha! Thanks again!