Sunday, September 30, 2012

Welcome Fall... Welcome Colds

Well in the last two weeks everyone in my family has gotten this nasty little virus that seems to be going around. It started with Abby our little girl's fever rising so high so fast (104!) that she had a seizure. She is alright and some kids get them when their temp climbs to quickly. Then within a few days after coming back from that I got sick... luckily Adam was out of town on business that we thought he was safe ... Ha ha! He got it within a few days of being home as well. We are now going on 2 weeks with a sick household. It's like a bad cold that just won't leave us!

My husband joked that whoever coined the term, "sick as a dog" must not have owned a dog, because the only one not sick is our dog!

But while going through all of this I had a consigned baby blanket to make. Which is in the washer now getting cleaned before I mail it out!

It was actually a perfect time to make a crocheted blanket. It kept me warm as I would sit up at night watching TV waiting for my cold medicine to kick in! Ha ha! And now that it's all clean it is just beautiful! Luckily we are all on the mend now, but boy was it a rough few weeks. Everyone just gets off schedule!

Here is a not so great shot just after I completed it! I love the simple Granny Square blankets! Then at the end I put about 4 rows of just straight single crochet. Since this was made for a boy I didn't want to put on a border that to me would be too girly, so single crochets were what worked best for me!

There is something about the welcoming of fall that just makes it time to crochet. Unfortunately here in San Diego we are in the midst of a heat wave, but I can't help but want to crochet as soon at the pumpkin patches start popping up!

 Here is the completed project!!! I have it all washed and dried! I like to use a mild Eco friendly detergent and and tiny bit of softener!

Then you put it in the dryer on low for only a bit, because it never takes the full cycle to dry and take it out.... it feels as if it would melt in your arms!!!
 This bow I made from a tutorial I found on Pinterest.... (here)

I found this puppy dog button in my button bucket!!! I think that is one of my favorite buckets (as compared to the cleaning bucket ; ))

And above is the detail of the four rows of single crochet border.

This was a fun project to make. As I was making it Abby became a little jealous of the time I spent on it, but my husband reminded me that I've never made one for our family.... might just have to be one of my next fall projects!

As always, Enjoy!


  1. What a lovely project! It really does look super soft and cozy.

  2. The blanket looks beautiful! I thought it was funny that Adam mentioned that you haven't made a blanket for your family yet, Andrew says that same thing to me...guess we need to start crocheting for the guys! :)

    1. Ha, ha! Isn't it funny?! I don't know what it is, but I have a hard time making really anything just to keep around the house... I have maybe 3 things? I have all different kinds of yarn leftover from various things.... maybe I'll just make a mashup blanket!