Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Simply Bow-tastic!

Well Bows have been on my brain lately!!! I just can't stop finding different kinds of ribbon to try new things with! This past weekend we went out of town and I made Abby a different bow to wear with each outfit!  I realized I got a great response and decided when I got home I would share my bows with others for the holidays and have made some bows which you can now find in my Etsy shop!!!

Here is a variation of a bow I made for this weekend. I had enough of the ribbon left over to make an additional bow. I have to say it is one of my favorites, becuase it is simple yet has just enough flare to liven up an outfit.

I think abother thing I have found so great about bow making is that ANYTHING goes! I love that about most crafts I do!

Something about just being able to go with it and not have to follow a certain pattern or color scheme. Plus people notice these little bows!

 Well right now you are thinking what does a fish have to do with anything? Well I thought I would introduce you to the newest member of our family, "Fish."
It turns out we had boarded our dog over the weekend and when we picked him up Abby wanted to look at the fish and to get her to leave I guess I somehow promised her a fish! Only my 2 year old would remember that and for the last few days she has kept asking me about her fish.... So today I broke down and got a beta. He nows lives high up on our media center because she would really like to "pet" him! (Something I did as a child... with my mother's cleaning gloves on... yes that did result in his early demise...)

Well I know we have all been busy, but I just wanted to show off my new "thing"! I really need to get back to work now! Not enough hours to prepare all the Christmas presents I need to be working on!

Cheers! Enjoy!

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