Friday, December 7, 2012

Merry "Yarn"-mas?!

This Christmas season I decided I would hunker down and make some gifts! Not that I don't always do that, but it is kind of hard to want to bring out the yarn and crochet hook when it is still almost 80 degrees outside... But none the less I decided it was time to start "hooking" and I wasn't going to let a little warm weather get me down! As I write this it is overcast and chilly outside! I can hear the big black birds in the distance and I am finally getting the feeling that Winter might actually be just around the corner!

I am a HUGE fan of Lion Brand Homespun yarns. They are a chunky weight yarn and I took the hook recommendation on the skein and went up one hook size. 
The great thing about the homespun yarn is the variations of color and the imperfections in the yarn. I am allergic to wool and to try crocheting a blanket, well I couldn't! So I have to use acrylic yarns, and this one is by far one of my favorites!
This color was "Herb Garden." It had greens, purples, reds, and even some yellow and gold tones in it. I have found that in front of the TV at night I can make about a 1/4 of a lap size blanket. So time wise this is a great gift to make! It was just a large Granny Square design, but with this yarn it makes it look so much more intricate than it really is! Don't get me wrong, it is still a great talent to crochet, but with time constraints this turns out looking more beautiful than I could have imagined!

 This shows a picture of it folded... see all the variation of color?! I think I might even see a hint of teal! This blanket is made with just 7 skeins of yarn. Joann's had a sale on Homespun yarn right before Thanksgiving... I made this for a 1/4 of the normal cost! 
 Now you saw this little pink and brown square above... I love making blankets for new babies! It all started when I received one for our daughter before she was born. Something about some one's hands making this beautiful item makes it mean that much more.

I am a Christian lady and when I make blankets for people... even orders I like to pray for the little baby that will use it. I ask that they be healthy and happy. That they be blessed all the days of their life ... that they learn to sleep through the night quickly! (Ha, ha)

 Now unfortunately I am not great with math and didn't order enough of the Pink and Brown yarn. It is Vanna's Colors from Lion Brand. It was on Clearance on the website so unfortunately I can't just run to the store to get it... grr... It is a chunky yarn as well. This one is a bit more substantial than the Homespun but I have a feeling that after that first washing it is going to be just perfect for a little one! I have it halfway completed... This was 6 skeins of yarn and I have 8 more on the way! They come in 3oz. skeins so they aren't that big... but somehow I didn't get my numbers right... What else is new?! I plan on making a couple little roses to attach to this as well... Will post updated photos upon completion!

There is something to be said about receiving a handmade gift. My mother is not a very crafty person... and she doesn't like too many crafts, but this blanket I know she is going to love! Finally a gift I could make that was not jewelry... She is the biggest fan of my jewelry and has the largest collection of it! It helped when she bought a lot of the materials in the beginning! 

I hope you all are trying to find a way to stay warm or in my case cool this holiday season! I posted some photos of these on Facebook and got such a good response that I might have to make some for my Etsy shop. I am also thinking about having a Crochet 101 workshop this winter ... just in case you wanted to learn!