Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

I ended 2012 with a BANG! As you can see above I worked my little behind off trying to finish everything I "needed" to by Christmas Eve... Of course along the way I added in a few more projects, such as the Santa pillow and the Christmas Quilt... yes I made a quilt in about 48 hours and on Christmas Eve as we were driving to my parents house I finished the binding! 

That same day I loaded my sewing machine up into the car and dropped it off to be serviced (before they closed). 

I completed two more projects in that time as well. A baby quilt for a cousin's new child and a beaded necklace for my mom...

I looked back at everything that was completed... I realized it may have been the first year I didn't have anything left over to finish... well not technically...

As the New Year begins we sit and write down resolutions that never make it past the end of January and new projects begin... Life continues to change and I am praying that as life changes for us all we can hold on true to the things we believe in! This year I want to just love more! Love my "craft" more and maybe even take a step back for a little while from my machines and needles and just spend sometime with my family.
I find them like this a lot on the weekend when I walk in to check on them from being in my studio sewing... 
This year I may not post as many things as I would like to, or change the world of beading, sewing, quilting, or crocheting. But the little family in that picture might just love me more for doing less!

So my resolution isn't to post more, but maybe just enjoy them more! I don't know when exactly my next entry will come, but it will! I will just have to make sure my posts are that much better!

Happy New Year!


  1. Enjoy life and don't forget to live!

    You are just too busy! You must make choices and stick to that. Which is easier said than done, I know!

    While you craft, enjoy it and while you spend time with your family, enjoy that. Don't feel bad about it, you can't be doing both at the same time...

    I wish you a very happy and good year with your family and hope to see and read some of your projects here on your blog. (Even if that is less) :-)