Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From ATC to Wall Art...

I recently participated in a craft swap on Craftster and along with the "theme" crafted item, I had to send along one crafted "extra" item... My partner was very much into making Artist Trading Cards, or ATC's as they are commonly referred as (think baseball card sized art cards). I noticed she had drawn up quite a few and thought it would be neat if I could take this little baseball sized artwork and make it more into a wall hanging!

The picture on the left is what I ended up created from the picture on the right as my guide.

I thought I would go ahead and show you all today how this was made! I think is appears to be much harder than what it was but I just kept adding more!


  • a picture like from an ATC with the background erased using a paint program and enlarged or shrunk down to the size of your liking
  • a simple painting canvas
  • scrapbook paper
  • beads
  • felt
  • Tim Holtz Distress Ink pads 
  • Tracing Paper
  • Modge Podge or similar, and glue
  • Felt tip pens

 So first I used a 12x12" piece of textured scrapbook paper and stamped on the Distress Ink. It doesn't have to be perfect! Just put on as much or as little as you would like. It adds dimension to the paper.

Then I simply glued the paper to the canvas frame... Simple enough so far...

 I then used a second piece of handmade paper and distressed it as well with the Distress ink and tore the paper and then burned the edges with a lighter and then glued that on top of the covered canvas. As you can see here I really just wanted it to have a rustic look and appeal... which it did!

For the next few steps you can just set this canvas aside because the bulk of the work is now going to be done on another piece of handmade style thin scrapbook paper.

Ok! Now to the exciting part! I took her small ATC and used a photo or paint program to enlarge it as well as to erase as much of the background as I could.... I am not into wasting printer ink... that darn stuff can be pricey especially in color!

So I just used a felt tip fine point pen to trace this lovely Victorian Woman onto the "feathery" thin scrapbook paper.

I broke her into three pieces, which I may have later regretted... one probably would have been fine...

I used just simple felt tip markers that I bought at the Dollar Store(!!!) to color her in and then used an exacto knife to cut her out.... I left a little room because again I singed her edges with a lighter in places.

Also in the drawing her hair and dress was adorned with pearls so I used a home decor weight thread and beaded right onto the paper securing my knots on the back with super glue.

I modge podged (or similar) her head and shoulder portion on first. You have to do a couple layers as the glue dries or else the paper will just start to become limp and destroyed.

I then added her beaded dress in the same manor.

So her dress and head were glued and I sat down with some felt and cut little flowers and again used Home Decor weight thread and a needle to sew the little flowers in place gluing down all my knots.

Just a note: you have to be very careful when attaching the felt and beads because when you run a needle through paper its not like fabric... so you can't repair if the hole tears or is in the wrong location... but this didn't really have too much rhyme or reason!

Be careful when cutting out this last piece or any beaded piece that you don't cut too close to any of the threads or holes...

This final piece I didn't singe because there was just too much detail to the headpiece. But again I carefully modge podged it into place and made sure all the little curls were glued down.

Finally I went over it all over again with the Distress ink to just put that final layer of "vintage" to it!

She came out better than I imagined! And you could do this with any picture! Even by adding a simple black and white photo to an ornate distressed background...

Here is the finished product! She is similar to that original drawing but has a twist all my own to it. My partner was very excited with it! Now you too can go off and create some three dimensional wall art and there isn't much to it! I'd love to see if you make anything in the same style!