Monday, March 4, 2013

Craftster Crush?! Who Me?! YES. . . ME!!!

Well what an amazing honor to have been chosen as the March, Craftster Crush!

I had just completed a couple swaps and have been focusing on my beadwork again lately and today a dear friend, Lesliehappyheart sent me a message congratulating me before I had even opened this month's newsletter!

I've always been crafty. I've always been more creative than anything else. I am the woman sitting in church doodling my next creation, because for some reason, when I sit there the ideas just start flowing!

I have ALWAYS worked hard at what I do and never really thought I was truly any good at it until this year! Within the last 12 months I have taken Honorable Mention at the San Diego County Fair for my beadwork, "Craftster Best Of" 2 years in a row, and my beaded necklace, "Midnight in the Garden" took FIRST PRIZE at the Annual Riverside County Date Festival!

This truly has been an AMAZING start to the year! I started off by saying I wasn't going to blog and post as much because I wanted to make sure I was putting my family first... and then it's like within 24 hours of posting that, things just changed! I have kept true to the not posting as much but only because the items I am now working on are taking much longer to finish than they used to!

I want to thank everyone out there who supports and enjoys my "craft"! Really if it wasn't for outlets like Facebook and Craftster and Blogger, I don't know if I would be making the quality items I am today! You all push me to try new things and to put more of myself into every piece of work I make! So thanks to all of you!!! Because without you wanting more I would not be here doing what I love today!

I did say I have some projects in the works and here is a sneak peek of just a "few" of them! I say few because in reality I always have about 3-4 in certain stages of completion and about 8-10 written out to be started!

This one to the left is a beaded necklace I am working on with free-form peyote stitch titled, "Waves of Grace." It's further along than this photo but I don't want to give it all away!! At least not until it's completed! I told my husband, "I don't think I will enter this into the fair this year." He asked why and my response was, "I just don't think it's impressive enough..." HA! What was I thinking?!

On the right is a 3-D beaded flower I just kind of "threw" together! It will be placed with more on a necklace that was an original design idea for the San Diego County Fair this year. I have more beaded flowers drawn out and waiting to be beaded, but I found that Madonna cameo above and well had to take a quick break from the garden!

This month I also have a wonderful custom order I will be working on for a friend! I will definitely be posting photos for that as well.

Please don't think I am putting my sewing machine away though! I have just bought fabrics to work on a Spring/Summer quilt for Abigail! And want to make custom pull-string pouches for each of these beaded creations!

THANK YOU!!!! (again!) Sometimes a little encouragement is all we need to be spurred on to greatness! I simply can't wait to share everything new with you soon!