Saturday, May 25, 2013

"A Beautiful Mess" Centerpiece Idea

This is the theme for next year in MOPS.... it stands for "Mothers of Preschoolers." It's a group that is a real lifesaver when you have little ones! I was so blessed by the end of my first year I wanted to participate again and also contribute! This upcoming year another gal and myself are heading up the Creative Arts coordinating which includes making small crafts throughout the year as well as the centerpieces for the tables.

We have been a little stumped on how to exactly convey the message of this years theme while creating pleasing centerpieces... so we got on Pinterest and did a ton of pinning and have been trying different things out... I pulled from a few different ideas and came up with the following idea... I don't know if it is one we will use, but I had a lot of fun in the process!

 Well, it doesn't need to be on a scrapbook square, but I thought it added for the photo. It is 3 different sized cans. I painted the insides just real quickly so there is no perfection to that, but it kind of gives a whitewashed style to it. Each can was then mode-podged on with a different scrapbook page. I glued the two smaller cans to the larger (which was actually a can of enchilada cause) and glued on the jute cording.

 I then glued clothes pins to the inside of the cans with plenty of hot glue and printed up and used distressed inks around the edging to make these little signs.... The top side is the actual "pin" direction... so the ladies can post Mom's Night Out and Playdate times or locations or even just ideas.... we like to get together with our friends outside of the group too... I thought this was a neat idea where they could put the info for the next time!
We all name our tables... so I made this little banner where they could write their chosen name... And I made the stick actually go into a straw I glued into the largest can... that way for storing and when they chose a name they can just remove the stick! This will also help them not break during the storing process!
You can put pens, prayer request cards, and anything else in the cans on the table.... I thought I got pretty creative and made a pretty paper flower with a tag with the logo for the front of the smaller can... This was super easy and you can use whatever paper! No two tables will be the same then! A great way to embrace the idea of the theme!

I don't know if we will use this idea or not, but you could make it for any occasion or group... just tweak it a little! I hope you enjoyed seeing into my process! This is truly a work still in progress trying to figure out the centerpieces! I'll have to post what we finally end up using!



  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas! I will be sharing with my Hospitality Coordinator. :-) Brownsville (TX) MOPS

  2. Love this idea! we will probably do a variation of this, thanks for sharing!