Thursday, May 30, 2013

How Life is Like A Quilt Block!

Blocks featured are from PieceByNumber
   Lately, my mind has been consumed by crafts for our MOPS group next year. Getting centerpieces and name badges together and really and trying to find crafts that 80 different women would want to make... (that I am sure is a battle that is never won.) While preparing and thinking about it my mind is constantly reminded of the theme for next year ... A Beautiful Mess ... Embracing Your Story...

   I find myself wondering how much of myself am I really willing to commit to others? How honest and open am I being? Do others only see the crafts and not the woman? My mind was flooded with this for some reason this morning as I was just crafting up some quilted "mug rugs."
   When it comes to quilting lately I am ALL about paper piecing! (Some hate it, and some love it... I LOVE it!) But here is the most beautiful thing about it, and where life intersects with making a quilt block... Let's just assume you understand the basics... a piece of paper with a design is used as a foundation, then you add fabric in sections and sew...
   So here is a square I am ripping off. You see, once all the fabric is attached you then remove the paper and all that remains is the quilt block... so I am still not really getting to the point am I?

   I used Time/Life as the foundation. I could see with every piece of fabric added that each event in life was like one of those pieces. Each mistake and triumph still attached to the same life... each piece just as it should be...

   Sometimes we make mistakes and have to take out stitches and redo it... maybe that's a lost job or failed relationship. But we cut out the piece and start with a fresh piece and attach it again... until we get that piece just right.

   As life progresses our "block" gets larger, added family, maybe children and pets... but that foundation just keeps us all in place. It hides the mess of cut fabric and threads... it keeps our past in the past and helps us look forward to the future, a  
                                                                completed block!

   Now to the hardest, but most rewarding part... opening ourselves up. Opening up to making friends and creating true and complete relationships. The kind where you are ok allowing others to remove that foundation paper and see all your "mess" underneath.

   They will either laugh and show you their "beautiful mess" or they maybe aren't the right friend... but being open to the possibility that maybe it will be something great has to be the driving force. Knowing that as each piece of paper comes off you are that much closer to showing your true and genuine self.

   It's scary and sometimes little bits of paper get stuck. But what's the worst that could happen? You could just possibly find someone else just like you. Someone else who is scared that who they've been will be judged and not who they are now...

   When you turn that "mess" of a back over this is what you see, something beautiful! All the rest falls to the side because people, the people who matter are only seeing what you've become! The more of us that are willing to show who we are beyond the covering/foundation ... well we can join together to just make beautiful quilts, quilts made of all different colors and prints and patterns!

   So maybe I didn't show you something new today. Perhaps you're thinking, I thought this was a crafting blog... well it is, but sometimes crafts and life just come together in these great little reminders! Now unfortunately I need to go clean up the "beautiful mess" all the discarded schnibbles lefts behind!

   So maybe this coming summer and fall you will be more willing to shed that paper and show people who you really are! What's the worst that could happen? They might just take their covering off, show you their mess, and together you two could be the start of an amazing quilt... or mug rug! : )

Take joy in your "beautiful mess"!!! Show it proudly!

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