Friday, May 10, 2013

My Family Tree is a Set of Conjoined Trees....A New Picture on Life

I imagine my life more like this picture now. Did you know that out in nature trees can conjoin and still grow, while growing together? It's an amazing world we live in! What's even more amazing is how my life is just like one of these types of trees.

In December, after knowing I was adopted my entire life, I took the biggest leap of faith and decided to find my birth mother. Due to the Internet, well Facebook to be exact I located her within 15 minutes of receiving my original birth certificate from the state of Illinois. I opened myself to a type of vulnerability I had never experienced. At that time I wasn't sure of what the outcome would really be and to be honest I still don't really know what will happen, but it has altered my life in ways I could never fully express. Now I would like to consider myself to be part Jewish, German, Italian, and Polish... I am made up of four families! My family tree looks more like one of these conjoined trees than an average one... If I signed up on I don't know if they really could build a family tree that would truly express all that I am!

This is my birth parents getting ready to go to my birth mom's Prom!

This is one side of my conjoined trees...

Here I am with my family. My other side of my trees.

I feel truly blessed over the average child. I've had 4 parents who have loved me... well maybe 4, but 3 for sure. Sadly my birth father passed away a few years back and I may never know how he truly felt, but it took 4 adults to raise me! No, I wasn't that bad! Ha, ha. But I had double the love that other children have. To now be 30 and feel like I might be starting to get my life together, I can't help but thank God for making my life the way He did. I don't think I could have said that 10 years ago.

I have moments where I thank God for giving me two moms. One had the heart to want better and the other the heart to raise me, good days and bad. I find that I am similar to both in different ways. Yvonne, my birth mom and I pin similar things and have the same exact sewing machine... that we got around the same time, before we met one another... And my mom, Marilou and I are almost one in the same, well except for the crafty bits! If it wasn't for my mom's loving kindness, I may never have had the courage to find Yvonne.

I am proud to say I have 2 strong mothers. That because of their love I am the mother I am today. I am so proud of both of them... With Mother's Day only a few days away I thank God for both of them! God knew what kind of person I would be and realized it would take two women with the same big heart to raise me. And I would have the joy of sharing my life with both of them now. I still don't know exactly what lies ahead of me in the journey, but now I am more open to the vulnerability of not knowing what lies ahead. Now I can just bask in the rays of His glory and enjoy the ride...

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! I know I will!

Thank you for continuing to take this ride with me! Until next time...


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  1. You have a wonderful way with words little sister! I am so thrilled for you! Happy Mother's Day Rebecca!

    I love you!

    P.S. I miss kissing that bald (well, peach fuzz) little head when we were little!